Preschool FAQ

  • For all Preschool questions, contact:

    Ben Macumber
    Amana Elementary Principal
    CCA Preschool Director

    Why is the Preschool program being changed from a full day program to a half day morning or afternoon program starting for the 2019-2020 school year?

    1. Students were being turned away because the full day program was full.
    2. Families were not able to get into their requested neighborhood attendance centers due to being full.
    3. The school was underserving the growing population.
    4. New families moving in did not have any options.
    5. Two half day programs allow for more students to have access to preschool.
    6. Priority is to addressing the educational needs for ALL preschool students.
    7. To meet the needs of Early Childhood Special Education children.
    8. The full day program was running a deficit in the parent paid afternoon daycare and there was failure to spend all state Voluntary Funds. State Voluntary Funds do not cover daycare but they do cover identified education and transportation purposes. 

    What was the process to identify these changes?

    Administration and leadership teams constantly monitor education programs PK-12 to assure we are meeting student needs. With our district growth, administration and leadership teams recognized we were not meeting the needs for all families with preschool aged students. The preschool teachers met with administrators, research of other district preschool programs was conducted and Grant Wood Area Education Agency was instrumental in consulting with admininstation for preschool options that best fit our school district. It was identified that half day programs could almost double capacity with smaller student sections.

    What were the goals for the overall changes?

    1. To continue to provide high quality preschool education
    2. Serve more students 
    3. Maximize resources in both staff and funding

    Why not just raise the price for a full day program?

    Raising the price only limits who can attend and will not allow the district to reach everyone that needs to get preschool education

    What is the current Preschool Enrollment?

    The current preschool allows for 175 preschool students and with our growing district and a potential class of over 220 Kindergarten students in 2019-2020, there are students missing a preschool opportunity.

    Am I guaranteed a spot in my first choice of school?

    Although no guarantees, this new format will greatly increase our ability to serve more students in their neighborhood centers such as North Bend and Tiffin. Your address will determine what elementary school your child attends. Elementary Boundary Map.

    Will my preschooler ride the bus with older students?

    The district anticipates running preschool only routes in the eastern side of the district.  It may be necessary for Amana and perhaps some Clear Creek Elementary preschool students, to ride a regular route.

    Can my child get bussed to my babysitter and/or relative?

    1. Stops will include neighborhood, home, and DHS licensed daycares within our district per State transportation guidelines.
    2. Neighborhood stops will be designated by student enrollment and needs.
    3. Family members are welcome to be present at designated stops to transport preschoolers to needed daycare.
    4. Parents should fill out the transportation form.

    Will the schools have any wrap-around care options?

    Any wrap-around care options are dependent upon space availability and pending student enrollment. The needs of all incoming students must be met before designating any space to daycare but options are being looked at for Amana Elementary, Clear Creek Elementary, Tiffin Elementary and Oak Hill Elementary (if numbers warrant). Optional wrap-around Service Information.

    Will there be any costs associated with preschool?

    No, for students who qualify by age, there will be no costs incurred to the family.

     Is lunch provided?

    Breakfast and lunch are not built into the designated preschool hours.  The opportunity to eat breakfast will be determined by optional enrollment in a wrap-around service program.  

    Can I drop off my child early or pick my child up late?

    Given restrictions in staffing and class times, students will need to be dropped off and picked up within 10 minutes of the start/end of class.

    Can I send my 5-year-old to preschool? He’s not ready for Kindergarten.

    If a family chooses to enroll in preschool for an additional year, the per-pupil cost will be charged to the family.  This amount is anticipated to be at $3,685 for the 2019-2020 school year. Final decisions on the additional preschool year will be made as a team including parents, teachers and principal.

    I live out of district, can I still enroll?

    In district families will have priority for enrollment.  The district does anticipate being able to offer preschool to out of district families.  Out of district families enrolled in preschool will still need to follow all open enrollment policies outlined by the School Board for school-aged years (Kindergarten).  Oak Hill Elementary, Clear Creek Elementary, North Bend Elementary and Tiffin Elementary are currently closed to open enrollment for preschool.