District Overview

  • The Clear Creek Amana School District covers over 175 square miles of beautiful eastern Iowa countryside. The Iowa River Valley and Coralville Reservoir provide residents with recreational opportunities as well as outstanding scenery.

    Our school district encompasses the towns of Tiffin (population 3,351), Oxford (population 820), Amana Colonies (population 1,600) and includes the eastern edge of the district inside the city limits of Coralville and North Liberty. We draw students from a community base population of around 12,000. (2019 census numbers)

    We are located 7 miles west of Iowa City and 20 miles south of Cedar Rapids where both Interstates 80 and 380 intersect.

    The district serves 2,828 students preK-12 and expects an average of 200 per year for the next five years. Enrollment increased by over 500 students during 2000-2010 and increased by 189 students from 2017-2018 school year to 2018-2019.

    There are seven operating attendance centers:

    • CCA High School in Tiffin (712 students 9-12)
    • CCA Middle School in Tiffin (577 students 6-8)
    • Tiffin Elementary in Tiffin (361 students PK-3)
    • Amana Elementary in Middle Amana (136 students PK-5)
    • North Bend Elementary in North Liberty (390 students PK-3)
    • Clear Creek Elementary in Oxford (360 students PK-5)
    • Oak Hill Elementary in Tiffin (292 students 4-5)

    The continued community support of education is evidenced by the opening of Tiffin Elementary in 2015, Middle School & High School Additions in 2016, the North Bend Elementary building in 2008 and a high school building in 2009. A state of the art athletic complex opened in the fall of 2009 and the performing arts center opened in the fall of 2010. Each attendance center has a full time building principal.  Of the 140 certified teachers, over thirty percent have been with the district for 15 years or more. The staff is caring and committed to providing the best education possible for all students.

    Information on more recent construction projects can be found at this construction link.

Mission and Vision Statements

  • Clear Creek Amana Mission Statement

    The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible, community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.

    Clear Creek Amana Vision Statement

    Stakeholders in Clear Creek Amana expressed a strong desire for an educational experience that would be broad and deep—one that embraces the complexity of human learning and the excitement that comes from intensely personal learning experiences.  Further, they want a public school system that serves the community, not just its children. They want a school system that offers choices and exhibits flexibility and openness—a system that can change with the times to keep itself current with technology and social issues.  They want a system that capitalizes on individual learner strengths and interests at the same time it conveys social skills and dispositions that lead to strong groups and community integrity.