Extended Learning Program Identification Procedures

  • The Clear Creek Amana School District uses a systematic procedure to identify gifted and talented students in grades K-12, each spring. The major goal of this process is to apply valid, reliable and unbiased procedures to identify students as being gifted in the areas of general intellectual ability and specific ability aptitude in reading, math and science. Students are identified through the use of multiple criteria using objective and subjective measures.

    At least one of the following is used to nominate K-12 students for ELP: teacher reports of gifted behaviors, parent/guardian reports of gifted behaviors, CogAt screener results for second graders, Middle School/High School self nominations and standardized testing data. Self nomination forms can be obtained from the school counselor or ELP teacher.

    All screening data will be considered by a screening team that may include: classroom teachers, ELP teacher, counselor, ELP coordinator, instructional coach and building principal. The specific abilities and needs of each student will be considered individually. Also, all students in grades K-5 who are nominated for ELP will be given the complete CogAt test as part of our screening process.

    Selection criteria will consist of objective data including Iowa Assessments, CogAt (K-5), and iReady
    . At the elementary level, if a student has a composite CogAt SAS score at or above 130 or one CogAt score at or above 96% and 2 additional qualifying scores she/he will be considered for ELP placement. Additional qualifying scores could include iReady scores (96%+) NPR, Iowa Assessment scores (98-99%) NPR and/or additional CogAt scores 96% and above. At the Middle School and High School students must have at least 3 qualifying iReady scores and/or Iowa Assessment scores.

    Subjective data will include grade point average 3.97+ (high school), classroom performance, teacher recommendations, parent information and other relevant data.
    Individual subtest scores in reading, science and math will also be considered during the screening process. Additional testing may be administered as needed.

    Students who demonstrate potential as compared with others of their age and require additional differentiated programming will be placed in the ELP Extension Strand, grades K-8. Personalized learning goals may be developed for students participating in this strand in collaboration with classroom teachers, students and parents. Successful participation in our elementary program for the talented and gifted is also required for middle school placement unless the student has recently transferred to CCA or recently qualifies for programming.

    At the high school level academic guidance and counseling services will be provided for students. Successful participation in the middle school program for the talented and gifted is required unless the student has transferred to CCA or recently qualifies for our Extended Learning Program. Participation in enrichment and accelerated classes at the High School will be optional and based on student needs and interests.

    All staff will be encouraged to help determine which students whose native language is not English should be screened for ELP and also assist in identifying students with dual exceptionalities.