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Homeless Services

  • The Clear Creek Amana Community School District believes all students should have access to a free, appropriate public education. The district will ensure that homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as other children and youth.

    Students may qualify for services under the McKinney-Vento act if they do not have a fixed, regular or adequate nighttime residence. Please speak with the district Homeless Liaison if you are living:

    • With friends/relatives due to loss of housing economic hardship or similar reason
    • In shelters or transitional housing
    • In cars, buildings without heat or water
    • In campgrounds, hotels, motels

    CCA will provide one-on-one services with the district’s homeless families to identify their needs. If a family is deemed as homeless:

    • school fees are waived
    • transportation to their home school may be provided to approved families
    • school supplies are provided
    • free breakfast and lunch
    • connecting families to outside resources
    • Ensure the privacy of student records, as provided by applicable law, including information about a homeless child or youth’s living situation

    School counselors work hand-in-hand with our homeless families to help ensure success at school.

  • Kelsey Koffend image

    Kelsey Koffend
    Homeless Liaison
    (319) 622-3255


    Crisis Center
    1121 S. Gilbert Ct., Iowa City
    Food Bank: (319) 351-0128
    Crisis Line: (319) 351-0140

    DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Program)
    1105 S. Gilbert Ct. #300, Iowa City
    (319) 351-1042

    Family Resource Center - Food Pantry
    Park in west side of the CCA Middle School Parking lot and enter Grey Building
    (319) 545-2281 

    Iowa Legal Aid
    1700 S. 1st Ave. Ste. 10, Iowa City
    (800) 532-1275

    Johnson Co. General Assistance
    855 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City
    (319) 356-6090

    Shelter House
    429 Southgate Ave., Iowa City
    (319) 351-0326

    UAY (United Action for Youth)
    1700 S. 1st Ave. #14, Iowa City
    (319) 338-7518