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  • Managing CCA Enrollment Growth

    Clear Creek Amana Community School District is the second fastest growing district in the state by a 5-year percentage enrollment change and Tiffin was the fastest growing town in Iowa for 2018 with North Liberty ranked #5, according to data from the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau. The west side of the school district is raising enrollment growth. The school board of education has been proactive for the past 13 years by working with RSP Associates and the CCA Facility Planning Committee to plan for the growth in the district. 

    Maintaining good relationships with the Cities of Coralville, North Liberty and Tiffin, are vital in managing the growth in these areas. Mr. Kuehl, CCA Schools Superintendent, and the CCA School Board of Directors meet quarterly with these city councils and administrators to stay on top of future developments and plans that will have an impact on our school district. In addition to the council meetings, Mr. Kuehl meets regularly with city administrators and managers.

    RSP Associates are professional school planners that provide the data and tools for our district and many other school districts, to make the best decisions for the education of our students. The 2017-2018 Enrollment Plan predicts we will add 1,000 students in the next 5 years. Numbers are based on the official count day, October 1, that all Iowa school districts report their enrollment to the state and CCA had added 189 students for the 2018-2019 school year but that doesn't take into account the additional students we continue to add throughout the school year. 

    2018 RSP Enrollment Plan for CCA 

    2019 RSP Enrollment Plan for CCA presented at the March 4, 2019 CCA School Board of Education Work Session

2017 Bond Referendum Flyer
  • 2017 General Obligation Bond Projects

    • Construction of Oak Hill Elementary - Completion scheduled for August 2019
    • Increased High School Parking and Middle School Access - Phase 1 completed Fall of 2018 and project will be completed spring of 2019
      • The new Middle School access road will begin construction in May 2019 as soon as weather permits.
      • The parking lots will resume construction June 12th, 2019
    • Improved HVAC & front entrance security upgrades to Amana Elementary - Work started Winter of 2018 and will be completed summer of 2019
    • New gymnasium/storm shelter, 2nd floor accessibility, updated kitchen improvements, improved HVAC and security upgrades for Clear Creek Elementary - Projects will run March through October 2020
    • Front entrance security upgrades for North Bend Elementary
      • Scheduled to begin as soon as students are done with school in June 2019
    • New Academic Addition to the High School - project will begin in 2020
  • Providing For The Growth

    The members of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District Community went to vote on September 12, 2017 for the most recent CCA bond referendum. The $36 million bond passed by 71% to 29% margin. A total of 1,736 voters from the district voted to pass the bond referendum, the district's second in three years, with 1,234 voting yes.

    The money from the bond supports varying projects to all CCA buildings throughout the district with the majority of the funds goin to build a new upper elementary (grades 4 & 5) building to alleviate crowding at North Bend Elementary and Tiffin Elementary. It is very important to CCA families and staff to maintain smaller classroom sizes and by placing students from grades 4 & 5 into Oak Hill Elementary (upper elementary) the growth will be more manageable.

    In 2014 our supportive community passed a $48 million bond referendum to help fund the building of Tiffin Elementary, remodeling and 60,000 square-foot addition to the middle school and additions to the high school. 

  • Where We Are Today

    The district has been tracking and being proactive for the growth for the past 13 years and based on enrollment predications and recommendations from a District Facilities Committee in 2016, CCA will need an additional elementary by 2025 and the high school will surpass capacity around 2027 therefore a new High School was recommended.

    The district is currently looking for more land for additional buildings to accommodate the needs for our student education.