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  • Welcome Clippers!

    The high school staff is eagerly looking forward to a “normal” 21-22 school year. The challenges and obstacles that WE overcame this past year will only make the future that much better. Anticipated enrollment will be right around 725, with our 9th grade being the largest class approaching 200 students. The high school staff will grow to 56 teachers this fall. We will welcome 7 new teachers that will bring unique experiences, enthusiasm and excitement to our already awesome staff. We will ask all our Clippers to be invested and involved in their high school experience. If those two things happen, high school will be a smooth and successful journey. As a staff, we will continue our learning and practices in the following areas to improve the educational high school experience for our students:

    • Continue to collaborate with our colleagues on curriculum and best practices in the classroom through Professional Learning Communities (PLC).
    • Work to effectively utilize Clipper Learning Time (CLT) to benefit all students.
    • Examine student data to ensure learning goals are being met and thoughtfully determine next steps.
    • Continued learning in the area of adolescent mental health.
    • Engage in professional learning through training, coaching, and more.

    We are all about learning and getting better.  With your continued support and efforts, WE can make the 2021-2022 school year a GREAT one!

    Go Clippers!

    Mark Moody

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    Mark Moody
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