General Overview

  • Enrollment

    We currently have 577 middle school students.

    The breakdown by class is:

    • 6th grade - 205 students
    • 7th grade - 195 students
    • 8th grade - 177 students

    The Clear Creek Amana Community School District is one of the fastest growing school districts in Iowa.  As a point of reference, we have increased our middle school enrollment by about 160 students over the last five school years.

    School Year

    Our school year is 180 days in length.
    Our staff will update your child’s progress on the standards every six weeks.
    There will be an email reminder to log into PowerSchool and review how your child is doing every six weeks.  

Class Offerings

  • Year (Core) Classes:

    Students will participate in five year long courses.

    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Language Arts
    • Student Wellness (PE/Health)

    Quarter (Exploratory) Classes:

    Students also participate in four exploratory classes. Each class is 40 minutes long and lasts 45 school days.  

    6th Grade Exploratory:

    • Technology
    • STEM
    • Art
    • Guidance

    7th and 8th Grade Exploratory:

    • Agriculture
    • STEM
    • Art
    • Family Consumer Science
    • Industrial Technology

    Exploratory Classes:

    Students can choose to be in band, choir, both, or neither.
    Band and choir classes are 40 minute class periods and meet every other day.
    If a student is not in band or choir they are assigned to a class called Clipper Time.
    Clipper Time is a class period in which kids can get extra help on academic skills or work on academic extension activities.

    Flex Time:

    Each school day we have a fifteen minute period called Flex Time. This time may be used for advisory, silent reading, work completion, project work in STEM or Art, etc.
    The use of this time will be determined by the teachers and will vary throughout the school year.