Educational Equity Committee

  • Committee Purpose

    The purpose of the committee is to advise and support:

    1. Oppose inequity, prejudice, and discrimination anywhere in the school system; 
    2. Promote nondiscriminatory and equal-opportunity efforts in employment practices;
    3. Promote a multicultural, gender-fair approach to learning in all areas of the school curriculum;
    4. Promote professional in-service experience for the teaching staff, administrators, board of education, non-certified personnel of the school system, and the EEC members when appropriate; 
    5. Serve as liaisons between the school district and members of diverse community groups; 
    6. Support the development of programs, educational strategies, and curricula that promote positive human relations among diverse groups; 
    7. Provide input into the development and evaluation of equity reports, updates, and any other equity reviews, including the annual report of the system; 
    8. Facilitate the accomplishment of equity goals

    Educational Equity Committee By-laws

    Committee Members (April 2022- October 2023)

    Kristy Rose, community member
    Mary Lou Grimm, staff member
    Abdouramane Bila, community member
    Brenna Maher, community member
    Jill Cameron Michel, community member
    Krista Davidson, community member
    Amy Reihman, community member
    Jessica Bryant, community member
    Darci Roehler, community member
    Linda Schulte, community member
    Carmen Brindeiro, community member
    Jen Mooney, Board liaison
    Jennifer Downes, Board liaison
    Angelica Brothers, Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Culture, Meeting Chairperson

    Meeting Schedule

    Monthly meetings will occur from September through May. All meetings and agendas are posted on the board calendar.