Esser III Funding Priorities

  • ESSER III Allocation for the Clear Creek Amana Community School District

    $1,318,115 (Total Allocation)

    $263,623 (Federally Required 20% Learning Loss Set-aside)

    $1,054,492 [(Total (less20%)]

    In addition to federal requirements and IDOE guidance, expenditures for ESSER III will be guided by the following priorities.

    Support may include materials, resources, training and staffing allowcations.

    • Enhance access to student mental health services and social-emotional learning
    • Provide extended (beyond the school day/year) or virtual learning opportunities
    • Expand support to special school populations/programs (ELL, Spec. Ed., At-risk) most at risk of impact by school closure and changing learning models
    • Support district-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
    • Enhance district-wide tehcnology infrastructure and devices