2019 State Competition

  • Students learned alot at competion in Ames on Saturday, March 30.
    They got to see first hand how truly competitive it is for most state teams, they were amazed at how difficult the events were, and finally, how serious the judges take the events. All of this did not diminish their pride and excitement. Mrs. Boeset heard a few say what she says a lot "it's the process, not the product"!! 
    They had 4 events earn top 3 honors 
    1. Matthew Wu and Conner Bonde  - 2nd place Game On - A science themed coding challenge 
    2. Matthew Madden and Meara Crozier - 3rd in Elastic Launch Glider - Design a glider that has the longest hang time 
    3. Adeline Lasswell and Joey Coburn  - 3rd in Herpetology - An incredibly detailed/difficult test over reptiles and amphibians
    4. Andrew Cartier and Matthew Wu - 3rd in Mystery Architecture - As it sounds, you have to design a given structure with provided materials within a time limit.