2020-2021 Meal Prices for CCA Schools

2019-2020 Meal Prices

Negative Meal Balance

  • The school district will make reasonable efforts to notify families when meal account balances are low.  Additionally, the school district will make reasonable efforts to collect unpaid meal charges classified as delinquent debt. The school district will coordinate communications with families to resolve the matter of unpaid charges. Families will be notified of an outstanding negative balance once the negative balance reaches below zero. Families will be notified by email notices and/or weekly paper notices sent home with students that are sent when balances are $10.00 or below until the meal account receives funds $10.00. Negative balance of more than -$10.00, not paid prior to the end of the school year will be turned over to the superintendent or superintendent’s designee for collection. Options may include: collection agencies, small claims court, or any other legal method permitted by law.

Vending Machines

  • Food served or purchased by students during the school day and food served or purchased for other than special circumstances is approved by the superintendent. Vending machines in the school building are the responsibility of the building principal. Purchases from the vending machines, will reflect the guidelines in the Wellness policy 507.9.

Meal Payment System

  • One time payments and/or recurring payments can be made through  InTouch Receipting, the online payment system, or given to the building secretary. Recurring payments can be set for weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Follow the instructions through InTouch.
    Parents or Guardians can access InTouch Receipting by using their PowerSchool Parent username and password. 
    For assistance accessing this system or for questions, please contact the building secretary.